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Buy steel online, celebrating 5 years of e-commerce

Online steel sales with Westcountry Fabrication Ltd

  • Westcountry Fabrication Ltd have been supplying steel via our online shop for 5 years!
  • We are a local, independent business supplying Devon and Cornwall. Our website sales come through directly to us (no middle man) and so you get our best price and the best service as you would expect from a small local business. Look at our recent reviews to see what our customers say.
  • Prices are updated monthly in line with fluctuations in the market to ensure that we remain competitive and can provide the best price to our customers.
  • Orders are processed from our Saltash based workshop for delivery through Devon and Cornwall. We will receive your order, process it and call you to arrange delivery.
  • You can buy beams (aka RSJ, lintels), columns, posts, plate, hollow sections or angle as well as basic fabricated steelwork.
  • For more complex fabricated steel requirements contact us, we aim to quote within a few days.

Why buy online?

E-commerce has grown massively over the last decade due to its convenience and efficiency. Steel isn't the sort of product you can buy online just anywhere and ship in a cardboard box. There are some challenges unique to the rather large and heavy product. There are of course local builders merchants, they deliver many (large and heavy) building materials for local builders but we are yet to find a builders merchant that facilitates online UKCA certified steel sales. Yet builders need beams, so that is where we come in, with the support of Mark Jones from eSteels we aim to fill the gap in the market.

Westcountry Fabrication have worked with eSteels for five years and was one of the first UK companies to operate the eSteels ecommerce structural steel process. eSteels offers an exclusive area, predominantly for UKCA (previously CE) approved structural steel suppliers and fabricators.

Benefits of buying steel online:

  • Instant quote and transparent pricing online.
  • It is easy!
    • If you know the length and beam specification that you need you just fill in the boxes and the website does the calculations for you. Select the length, finish (galvanised or shotblast and primer) and any drilling requirements, add to basket, pay online and you are done!
    • Order any time (no need to wait for office hours).
  • It is accurate.
    • Ordering on-line enables you to review all of the specifications, dimensions and weights to ensure that you receive steel as you expect to your specific requirements.
  • It is quick.
    • You can set up an account on our website to save your details, and orders can be placed in minutes.
  • Timely delivery.
    • Because the website gives us clear, accurate details for your order we can process these immediately. Delivery is usually between 1-5 working days from point of order but please call us if you have any specific delivery requirements (galvanised orders may take a little longer).

Who is the steel e-commerce website for?

  • Online steel sales are for everyone, whether you want a single beam for an extension knock through or several items of a larger scale construction project. Our customers include:
    • Self-builders
    • Experienced builders
    • DIY enthusiasts
    • Architects
    • Engineers
    • Quantity Surveyors
    • Estimators
    • Project managers
    • Other steel suppliers
    • Everyone welcome.

What if I am not in Devon or Cornwall and want to buy steel?

  • As a small business based in Saltash we chose to deliver only to Devon and Cornwall postcodes through our online shop.
  • If out of area, you can still order steel through our website and select 'collection'. You can then arrange your own courier to collect from our Saltash workshop.
  • For large orders e-mail us, we work on projects across the South of England and may be able to combine delivery on a large order.

How has the website developed over the past 5 years?

There are many, many variables to factor into pricing of steel. E-steels have created a framework which enables us, Westcountry Fabrication, to update the price of our online steel sales in response to the market variation and to sell directly to any customer (whether trade or domestic).

Pre 2020 there was not much requirement to update or change the website pricing. We had a formula that worked. The price per tonne of steel was fairly stable and as the website launched we made a consistent number of sales locally, especially in the Plymouth area. However, when the Covid 19 pandemic hit, we experienced huge changes, not simply on the price per tonne of steel but variation in pricing between different sections depending on supply and demand and availability. Some sections became so sought after that the prices rocketed, other sections were completely unavailable. Then there is the price of paint and galvanising, as well as labour and fuel/ electricity which impacts upon processing costs (such as drilling, delivery etc). This meant that we were consistently reviewing and updating the website prices for individual beams, it was hard to keep up with the rate of change!

We have spent many, many hours reviewing and updating the website since its inception (hooray for Microsoft Excel!). With 560 different products and what feels like infinite combinations of variations, there has been a lot to check. There were some teething issues, technology is great when it works, but when it doesn't it can be incredibly frustrating.

Now, five years on, the e-commerce website works like a dream and we are excited to see the online steel sales increasing month on month. Prices have re-stabilised and, although we are reliably informed that stockholder prices are imminently due to increase, they are currently at a low compared to months before!

What is e-steels? A note from our partner eSteels, by Mark Jones:

 eSteels provides the capability to order structural steel online through our specialised module, you can view more details here. Builders, architects, constructures and the public can visit our website, select a beam, enter the beam length, drilling options and finishing required and are given an accurate price in seconds, with a simple and secure checkout facility.

WCF clients can also save their website to their smartphone home screen, so access to the details and purchasing of over 620 structural steel beams are there in an instant, even in the middle of a field or in a loft, all can be specified and purchased online.

One of the many benefits of the eSteels offers was first requested by Jack of WCF, the offcut wastage calculator. The maths that operates eSteels ensures that there is a minimum wastage and to offer the very best prices.

Our latest update has introduced live stock checking. layout changes, enhanced Google friendliness as well as the replacement of the steel beam line drawing with images created by Artificial Intelligence.

If your business is located outside of Devon and Cornwall eSteels we would be very interested in hearing from you to discuss the many benefits of the eSteels process for Structural Suppliers and Fabricators.

What is next?

  • We will continue to offer a fast, efficient and competitive online steel supply service for Devon and Cornwall, with the personal 'local business' touch.
  • We have plans to expand our fleet, with a view of offering Hiab delivery as standard in the future (current delivery is flatbed/ kerbside).
  • We would love your feedback on our online steel shop, please take a look and let us know what you think!